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Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM
CCIM Instructor
The Off-Market Strategy Blueprint

CreInvestEd is proud to offer The Off-Market Strategy Blueprint; a fully online course that walks you through the online and offline tactics used to find off-market commercial real estate deals.  

We provide specific, detailed strategies to find off-market deals. You will be able to access my extensive experience in doing over 800 deals as a broker, training CCIM professionals, and coaching investors to help them find profitable off-market deals.  

Stephen Fairley

Stephen Fairley is the CEO of The Rainmaker Institute.

The Rainmaker Institute is a management training and consulting company for law firm practice owners.

The Rainmaker Institute has been in operation since 200 and has helped over 12,000 law firms grow their practice.

Course Overview

Module #1 Offline Tactics

Welcome to The Off-Market Strategy Blueprint

Offline Module Agenda

The "Big Picture Goals" of Tactics

Top 3 Offline Tactics Overview

Other Recommended Offline Strategies

Offline Tactics To Avoid

The Rule of 3's

Direct Mail & The No-Name Letter

The $17 Million Dollar Letter

The Offer Letter

Phone Tactics

Phone Call Mistakes To Avoid

Meetings Advantages & Disadvantages I

Meetings Advantages & Disadvantages II

Meetings Preparation & Execution I

Meetings Preparation & Execution II

Top Face-To-Face Mistakes

Networking Case Study

How To Find A Deal In 30 Days

Geographic Targeting Tips

Offline Module Review

Module #2 Online Tactics

Online Module Agenda

Establishing A Dialogue On The Internet

Top 3 Online Tactics Overview

Other Recommended Online Strategies

Direct Email

Email Pros & Cons I

Email Pros & Cons II

LinkedIn - A Primer

LinkedIn - Generating Inbound Leads

LinkedIn - Using The Network

LinkedIn - Pros & Cons I

LinkedIn - Pros & Cons II

Blogging - A Success Story

Blogging - How To Be Effective

Blogging - New Content Ideas

Blogging - Pros & Cons

Using Facebook To Find Deals

How Much Time For Social Media

Response Differences Between Asset Classes

Words of Wisdom

Online Module Review

Thank You For Using The Off-Market Strategy Blueprint

Module #3 BONUS: Dealing With Sellers

Dealing With Sellers Module Agenda

The 6-Step Qualifying Process

Step 1 - Building The Relationship

Step 2 - Setting The Agenda

Step 3 - Uncovering Motivations & The "5 Why" Technique

The FIFA Technique

Step 4 - Money And The "Not" Sell Price Question

Step 5 - Involvement of Stakeholders

Step 6 - The Deal

Dealing With Sellers Module Review

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